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Workshops are offered across the United States on an on-going basis, and online registration is available below. Upcoming workshops will be announced here as soon as their details are confirmed. Workshops offered regularly by institutions or other instructors are also listed below. The 4-day Care and ID workshops often fill to capacity in a short time, so register early to ensure a place. 


The Care and Identification of Photographs (in-person)

Upcoming Workshop Dates:


Planning will begin soon for 2019 workshops. If you are interested in hosting a workshop in coming years, please contact Gawain

 This workshop is an intensive 4-day introduction to the history and technology of photographic materials. It teaches a practical approach to the identification and preservation of photographs from the daguerreotype to the inkjet print. The combination of small class size (no more than 15 students) and the 4-day course length makes this a unique course that gives students the time and instruction necessary to gain a practical working knowledge of photographic identification and care. Registration Includes:

  • 4-day workshop
  • 260-page color notebook (it's growing and improving with every workshop!)
  • 60x LED handheld microscope
  • OPTIONAL: Basic Photographic Sample Set

"I loved your workshop! It was incredibly informative and so much fun. The course format kept things interesting and provided untedious reinforcement of unfamiliar subject areas, and your command of the subject, ability to convey complex concepts simply and clearly, patience, and sense of humor really made it all worthwhile. Yours is probably the best workshop I've ever attended. Thanks!"

--April Gage, Archivist, NASA Ames Research Center

"Can't thank you enough, Gawain! Your knowledge, and the presentation of it, far exceeded expectations."

--Jean Marie Smart, Visual Resources Curator, University of Arizona


 Advanced Photograph Conservation Workshops

Designed for book and paper conservators, this 4-day workshop is designed to teach mid-career non-photograph conservators basic cleaning, stabilization, and repair techniques particularly for library and archive collections.

Upcoming workshops

  • None currently scheduled



The Care and Identification of Photographs (online)


The Care and Identification of Photographs will be offered as a six-week online course twice per year, beginning in Fall 2019. The course is structured around weekly topics that are taught through video lectures, quizzes, and other online learning materials that students absorb at their own pace, while a weekly online chat allows for questions and feedback from the instructor. The intention is to leverage the technology to make this online course as similar as possible to the in-person workshop

Upcoming Dates:

  • September 1 - October 13, 2019


Class Description: Photographic materials cover a diverse range, everything from the daguerreotypes and wet plate negatives of the 19th century to the gelatin silver, chromogenic and inkjet prints of the 20th and now 21st century. Care of Photographs offers a broad introduction to the history, technology, identification, and care of these and other photographic materials. Topics include environmental monitoring, the effects of temperature and relative humidity, and the importance of cold storage for certain photographic materials. It is intended to help those caring for photographic materials to gain a better understanding of their collections and how to care for them.

The Basic Photographic Sample Set is an integral part of this course and provides an important hands-on component for photo process identification.

Registration will be coming soon. Cost will be $500 + $75 Basic Sample Set


Custom Workshops

Customized workshops for your institution can be arranged for any length of time and on a wide variety of topics relating to the care, conservation, and technical history of photographic materials. Past workshops have focused on an in-depth understanding of the history, nature, and deterioration of the gelatin silver print, and the care and identification of color photography from the 19th century to today's inkjet prints. An extensive collection of sample prints from the entire history of photography is used to illustrate and provide hands-on experience for students in the identification and understanding of photographic and photomechanical processes. Please contact Gawain Weaver directly to discuss how a customized workshop can be planned to meet your needs.


Other Workshops in the United States

Photography Workshops at George Eastman Museum (Rochester, NY)

The George Eastman Museum offers a series of workshops taught by process historian Mark Osterman and others. Some of these workshops offer hands-on instruction in the creation of historic photographic processes combined with the viewing of historic prints from the George Eastman Museum collection. Mark has a remarkably deep hands-on knowledge of these processes and these workshops offer a unique opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of specific processes.

For registration and further information see George Eastman Museum Workshop Info