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Gallery talk on photographic stability at San Francisco Photograph Gallery

April 02, 2010

Gawain gave a talk on April 1st at Gallery 291 in San Francisco (291 Geary St). Gallerist Ed Carey graciously hosted the event. There were a lot of questions particularly about inkjet stability. Even in the 1 ½ hour talk though, there was little time to cover the topic in any detail, so a series of gallery talks on photograph conservation and preservation is being planned. We’ll post details here when they know them. Also, Ed Carey will announce it via his mailing list. Gallery 291 often shows work printed in various "alternative" photographic processes, such as platinum or gum. He had a show of Jim Marshall's platinum prints in 2009, and has a show of cyanotype/gum combination prints by Brian Taylor coming up in May/June.

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