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Chromogenic Characterization: A Study of Kodak Color Prints, 1942-2008

Recent research by Gawain Weaver and Zach Long on chromogenic prints ”Chromogenic Characterization: A Study of Kodak Color Prints, 1942-2008” is now available in full, including many color images, on the Notes on Photographs website developed at George Eastman House.

We have submitted an article for publication in Topics in Photographic Preservation 13. A pre-publication version of the Topics article is available for download as PDFs in two parts: Chromogenic Article, Ektacolor Paper Backprint Chronology.   

A Guide to Fiber-Base Gelatin Silver Print Condition and Deterioration, by Gawain Weaver

A 41-page illustrated guide to how and why gelatin silver prints deteriorate, includes a 2-page chart and many diagrams in addition to photographs depicting each of the 15 forms of deterioration. Print publication is planned for 2010. Download Paper [PDF, updated April 2008]


Polaroid Identification Codes: Download PDF

Horvath, David G. (1987). The Acetate Negative Survey Final Report. Louisville, KY: Ekstrom Library Photographic Archives, University of Louisville. (link to the University of Louisville Ekstrom Library PDF is broken so it can be downloaded directly from here for the time being)

The Art & Artistry of the Photographers Mark: Vintage Lithography on Early American Cartes de Visite circa 1860 to 1880



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